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august 7, 2020

The choice presented to Israel is to love the Lord and keep his commandments, or to serve “other gods”or demonic godz. Whichever choice they make as a people carries consequences, which Deuteronomy terms “blessing” and “curse.” this pandemic can be seen az an extension uv deuteronomy(wordz in hebrew). other godz can be seen az the unconscious worship uv $, pride and greed that seem to have devoured our way uv life and created an importance that diminishez our spirit and infectz all that iz derivative uv theze other godz including ourselvez. a spiritual millennium iz now at hand, so get a good grip and grab the red bull with the *prostitute riding it by the hornz and throw it down into the fiery pit uv hell where we brought it from cauze it ain’t doing us any good. cauze now we need some good!*prostitute in ancient scripture didn’t mean a girl or boy in the streetz trading their bodiez for sexual pleazurez but meant trading onez soul for other godz or demon godz that attain different pleasurez other than God’z derived pleasurez. Godz pleazurez consist uv a selfless, humble, sharing, loving your neighbour attitude which when experienced iz deeper than the shallow pleazures uv pride, greed, and a careless attitude that tramplez upon each other. demonic pleazurez don’t last long but fade and leave one stranded alone and lost searching for love but never being able to find it except by finding God.

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Our Lady of America, you asked that the United States of America“ be the country dedicated to my purity and that your children in America be the children of my Pure Heart. Please intercede for us that we may be granted this grace and morally good leaders who will act according to the revealed will of God and the foundational principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

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